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Article: Men's knitted fashion FW23/24: which models to choose

Men's knitted fashion FW23/24: which models to choose

To look stylish, feel comfortable, and stay warm even on the coldest days of the season, men cannot do without warm knit sweaters, hoodies, jumpers, and turtlenecks.

Today, knitted items are at the peak of popularity and are one of the main trends of the FW 2023/2024 season. Finally, there's no need to choose between style and comfort – both characteristics blend seamlessly in this attractive and cozy trend. Knitted items will be relevant in the wardrobe of any man: from the ultra-fashionable to the conservative who prefers timeless classics.

What are the main trends we can highlight in men's knitwear fashion this season?

1. Aesthetic of the 70s in a modern interpretation.

Boldly choose classic turtlenecks with a stand-up collar, sweaters with a small V-neck or classic round neckline. Classics are always in trend!

Moreover, this season has seen a resurgence of polo sweaters, first introduced in the distant 70s by Ralph Lauren in the Polo Ralph Lauren line. Today, we can observe numerous interesting interpretations of this traditional wardrobe element, originating from tennis courts. A good solution for fans of a business style in clothing would be pullovers and jumpers that can be worn solo or layered over shirts or under jackets. Fine-knit sweaters without bulky patterns also fit well into the office men's wardrobe.


2. Hoodies are back, but in more eclectic oversized forms with zip closures.

Hoodies will be reliable companions in creating casual everyday looks. Oversized forms that do not restrict movement are trending today. Usually, such models are adorned with cuffs on the sleeves and a tight elastic band at the bottom of the garment. Hoodies with a hood are very convenient to wear over turtlenecks or under outerwear, with the hood worn outside.


3. Vests of various shapes and sizes.

The most trendy this season is a vest with a deep V-neck. True fashionistas wear the vest on bare skin, or at least over an unbuttoned shirt.

4. Geometric cut and steel shapes. Handmade items with enhanced shoulder lines look particularly striking.

For example, ROMANOVA tunics combine an original shaped cut with geometric lines reflected in decorative "torn" zigzag-like weaving.


5. Handmade voluminous sweaters with various geometric patterns, cables, weaves, and appliqués.

Such items, especially warm ones, will be relevant in informal outfits. Textured sweaters are best worn solo or in combination with casual tweed or other textured jackets. It's preferable for these models to be made from natural materials such as cashmere, merino wool, or camel hair, as they are pleasant to the touch and effectively retain heat.

Regarding colors, saturated wine, green, brown, and blue shades are currently in trend, along with traditional black and gray, as well as concise beige, blue, and cream.

Thanks to the wide variety of trends, every man can choose what suits him best and create a comfortable and individual style. And we will certainly help in this!


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