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Article: Peach fluff: how to wear the main color of 2024

Peach fluff: how to wear the main color of 2024

The trendiest color of 2024, according to the Pantone Color Institute, is "Peach Fuzz" (13-1023 PeachFuzz), associated with warmth, coziness, and tenderness. This soft velvety shade symbolizes healing and care, embodying our desire to take care of ourselves and our loved ones.

According to Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, the color "Peach Fuzz" radiates warmth and contemporary elegance, resonates with empathy, offers tactile hugs, and easily combines youthfulness with timelessness.

So, who is best suited for the main color of 2024, and what colors should it be paired with?

Peach color in clothing creates warm associations and sets a positive tone. It blends well with other shades, creating pleasing eye combinations. This shade is easily integrated into both casual and more formal outfits. For example, a peach-colored business suit can look appropriate in both office and relaxed dress codes.

In nature, the fruity peach shade blends wonderfully with the colors of the sky, earth, and grass. Translating these combinations to clothing creates unique and sophisticated looks.

Peach complements both cool and warm tones. Common combinations include traditional pairings with brown, beige, white, terracotta, and green colors. Interesting combinations also arise with orange, red, purple, and yellow shades.

Peach + White

An ideal color combination, especially for summer. Neutral white dilutes the overly romantic component of peach and complements the outfit perfectly with accessories.


Peach + Black

Combined with classic black, peach becomes even more pronounced. The severity and precision of black, combined with the softness of peach, create an interesting color combination suitable for creating stylish looks, both in the office and in more casual settings. Choose black pants or skirts and pair them with a warm peach-colored sweater to create a balanced and refined look.


Peach + Gray

A combination with gray looks very striking. The gentle pastel shade of peach paired with light gray appears especially tender and soft.


Peach + Blue

Peach color pairs well with all shades of blue, creating a beautiful, almost tropical palette. Cold and warm tones balance each other, resulting in an energizing effect.

Peach + Brown

The combination of these two colors gives the outfit sophistication, elegance, and nobility. People seeking comfort and security often choose this combination. The brown tones make people feel more protected, contributing to emotional balance, while peach adds a touch of tenderness.

Peach + Beige

A harmonious combination of colors that gives a sense of comfort and relaxation. Using other bright accents in such an outfit is not necessary, as these two colors look quite self-sufficient. If desired, to achieve more expressiveness, you can use different textures of materials in clothing.

Peach + Green

The main color of 2024 pairs well with green. A light green shade complements the rich peach color, while a lighter tone combines well with swampy or olive green.


In addition to the dominant "Peach Fuzz," pastel and "dusty" shades of lilac, turquoise, gray, and pink are also trendy. By the way, combining the "main" peach color with these trendy shades also looks bright, stylish, and very expressive.

Don't be afraid to experiment and combine bright colors in your clothing – we promise you'll like the results! In our assortment, you will find many products in the trendiest shades of 2024 that will become your indispensable helpers in creating stylish and unique looks.

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