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Article: How to care for knitted products

How to care for knitted products

Knitted clothing made from high-quality natural yarn can last a long time without losing its original appearance, but only if properly cared for.

Here are the basic rules:

  1. Handmade knitted items from natural fibers should be hand-washed, as a washing machine can deform them. During washing, the item should not be rubbed or pulled additionally. Another optimal option is dry cleaning at establishments familiar with handling premium clothing.
    Machine-knit clothing made from semi-natural yarn can be washed in a machine using garment bags and a delicate cycle.

  2. The water temperature should be around 30-40 degrees Celsius; otherwise, the item may shrink or, conversely, stretch.

  3. When washing, it is better to use mild detergents for delicate washing without bleach.

  4. While rinsing, carefully transfer the items from one container to another. Slight squeezing of the knitted fabric is allowed, but never wring the item out! Rinse the item thoroughly, as leftover detergent can ruin the color.

  5. If knitted clothing is heavily soiled, it can be soaked in cool water for no more than 15-20 minutes, applying detergent to the stain. Afterward, it can be washed as usual.

  6. After washing, spread the item on a large towel, roll it gently into a bundle, and carefully squeeze it without stretching or wringing the obtained "roll."

  7. It is better to dry the clothing on a horizontal surface, placing a towel underneath. Do not hang knitted items on a clothesline, as they will stretch and lose their original appearance.

  8. It is recommended to store knitted items in a folded form. If left on a hanger in the closet, the items may deform. To keep the items fluffy, do not fold them too tightly.

  9. Do not iron relief patterns with an iron; otherwise, they will stretch or become flat. It is preferable to use a steamer.

  10. When pilling occurs, do not cut them off; instead, use a special brush to remove them.

By following these simple rules, your knitted clothing will serve you for many years, becoming an ideal investment in your wardrobe.

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